Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Certification and Accreditation of inavy apps

In order to obtain approval to use key applications, the C&A process should be setup to achieve "rapid" accreditation. We will look at the current ITUNES store process (as a key process improvement).

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The Joint Metoc Viewer will be migrated to the itouch for mobile use of key Navy METOC applications.

Sounding and Security Watch- iYoke

iYoke is a easy to use application to ensure no hatch is left open and that the sounding and security watchstanders are doing their periodic checks on the integrity of the ship.


A tool for the engineering department to maintain logs on all mission critical engineering equipment (pumps, valves, etc)


A new application on an itouch to allow sailors to carry out their Preventative Maintenance System Requirements using wireless technology and the ease of use of a mobile device. The application will combine the use of video training and step by step instructions along with the ability to check off key maintenance steps and dynamically send the information back to a central database on the ship (and then synchronize with key logistic application/systems.

Welcome to iNavy

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